Wallow fire: anthropogenic?

The press is reporting that the Wallow fire has an anthropogenic cause.  The theory is that it was started by somebody who left their campfire unattended.  If people start believing this theory, then the government will start restricting our activities and taking away our freedoms.

The anthropogenic wildfire theory has already caused the government to restrict our right  to have bonfires and smoke cigarettes in the forest.  We aren’t even allowed to celebrate our nation’s birthday on our public lands with traditional Roman candles and M-80s.  What will they take away next using this unproven theory as the excuse?

Wildfires have always happened.  They are caused by lightning.  We know this because forests burned down before the first humans arrived in North America.  Wildfires took place before lighter fluid and cherry bombs were invented.  Nature, not human activity, causes forest fires.

If you add up all the heat that humans generate in the forest, it’s a tiny fraction of the size of the Wallow fire.  It is arrogant to think humans could be the cause of something so big and uncontrollable.   Forests have always burned and will continue to burn no matter what we do.

The alarmists and the liberal media just want to blame humans for everything in an attempt to control our lives.  If you believe them, you must be a communist.

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10 Responses to Wallow fire: anthropogenic?

  1. Jesse says:

    Another anthropogenic cause for many forest fires: The decades following unsound logging practices (i.e. clear cutting) where all forest fires were somehow “bad” and thus prevented. Now, the trees in many forests have grown in a configuration not unlike the way I stack logs to make a nice big campfire!

    But the trees grew back that way on their own, so it must be natural. Or something.

  2. blaineaar says:

    You are an idiot. I am mad at myself for reading this!

    • puckerclust says:

      Am I an idiot because you don’t like me making fun of deniers, or am I an idiot because you didn’t know I was making fun of them?

    • Auntie Christ says:

      I am too.

      “It is arrogant to think humans could be the cause of something so big and uncontrollable.”…Uh, ever hear of the Rodeo-Chediski fire, Clusterpuck?

      • puckerclust says:

        I heard a theory that it was caused by a hiker, but when the facts came out it turned out that she rode in a vehicle that was trespassing on private land. So much for the hiker theory.

  3. Pd says:

    Yes, humans can and do start fires but fires did not get this out of control in the past. Before man came the forest had a natural balance and fires were not so big…. Logging actually started the problem in that they and the forest service were putting out fires but to protect “inventory” $$$ so to speak. Logging benefited and allowed large growth but also curbed it at the same time – Then came Mr/Ms radical tree hugger and the logging was stopped and now the place is like a giant bonfire ready to ignite. The locals, being sued out of their lively hoods from the liberal factions could not and cannot even help prevent the growing problem with financial resources. Even though, YES, most fires are naturally caused, they would not get this big if not for liberal (and usually out of state) interference. Start logging and bring back the economic resource in a responsible way and let people in these regions have a lively hood – also driving these commodities down in price – something liberals don’t care about since they only spend others money. Or, what the heck, lets just keep these policies – not log, not drill here in the most efficient and safe way and let the Chinese ( and have you seen this!) pollute the place till we all choke and they keep all our dollars. But then again, just as liberals like to spend others money – they also don’t give a rat’s back if we pollute the earth as long as it’s not there backyard so they can throw another benefit to raise money to benefit themselves. What a crock.

    • puckerclust says:

      I guess I need to burn my liberal tree-hugger card because I own a tree farm in Colorado and I cut down hundreds of trees every year as part of a fire mitigation effort, and I sell forest products. Many of my trees are dying from mountain pine beetle because we don’t get hard freezes as often as we used to. Since you have a lot of theories, can you speculate on why that might be?

      Don’t worry , I won’t burn my tree-hugger card in the forest.

      • John Mashey says:

        Well, actually the beetles have worked their way North, through British Columbia on their way to Alberta and the boreal forests.
        A few years ago I sat in ski lodge in mid-lower B.C., having flown there over forests with big patches of dying trees (and B.C. takes lumber *very seriously*). I was talking to two lumber guys bemoaning the beetles. They had zero doubts about the cause of increasing spread North of beetles. I’ve suggested that people who disbelieve AGW might visit these guys and debate them, although they were big guys, and I think they still remember how to use axes…

  4. nanlichi says:

    Paranoid much pucker?

    Logic ain’t your strong suit little guy. First you say that the report of a campfire is a hoax for the guv’ment to restrict your right to smoke in the forest because there’s no way humans start forest fires. Then when Auntie points you to Rodeo-Chediski you admit it was anthropogenic. Rodeo-Chediski was two fires that merged into the one, and both were caused by humans and both started on purpose. One by an out of work fire fighter drumming up some beer money, the other by a fool whose boyfriend kicked her out of the car after an argument and she lit a signal fire because she was lost.

    This Wallow monster was started by a couple of young kids from Show Low camping out. They left the fire smoldering in the morning and went on a hike. When they came back the wind had picked up and their camp was torched. The rest is history.

    Smoke your cigarrettes and light your punkass firecrackers somewhere other than a forest.

    Grow up.

    • puckerclust says:

      Are you familiar with the concept of “irony”?

      Did you notice that “Fewer roads, fewer fires” was written in the summer of 2002, long before this blog existed?

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