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When ideology rebuts physics

I have received some requests asking me to respond to a supposed rebuttal by a blogger, Hans Schreuder, of the ten physics facts I listed last last week in my post, “Physics trumps right-wing ideology.”  This “rebuttal” has been making … Continue reading

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Denier spam and scientific gibberish

My recent post, “Physics trumps right-wing ideology,” seemed to strike a nerve.  The main point of my essay was that global warming denial is an ideological belief system that rejects the fundamental laws of physics.  As of today, it has … Continue reading

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Scientific scholarship vs. pseudoscholarship

How many times have we heard the apocryphal statement about global warming that “the science is settled”?  Is the debate really over?  It depends on who is doing the debating, and what is claimed to have been settled.  There have … Continue reading

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Physics trumps right-wing ideology

Global warming deniers know as much about climate science as they do about brain surgery. Would you let them tell your doctor what to do about that tumor? Why do I–a professional physicist and lifetime member of the American Physical … Continue reading

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Gullible denialism

At first, “gullible denialism” seems like an oxymoron.  “Gullible” means “easily deceived,” whereas “denial” is the refusal to admit the truth.  Gullible people don’t require evidence; but deniers don’t accept evidence.   A gullible person is easily duped by others; a … Continue reading

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Alabama Pi returns!

Every April Fools Day I take time to google “Alabama Pi.”  News editors like to run stories about past April Fools jokes, and Alabama Pi is often on their list.   They sometimes rank them, and Alabama Pi has been slowly … Continue reading

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