“Inhofe Theory” disproven

James Inhofe, the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, has been widely quoted making the extraordinary claim that global warming is the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”  He just finished writing a book on his conspiracy theory about a worldwide network of conniving scientists, called “the Hoax.”  Unfortunately, his book is already out of date, and bookstores will have to file in the fiction section.  His hoax theory has just been demolished by an independent research group that was supported by climate change deniers and their enablers as the final word from an honest broker.

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (“BEST”) study had been hyped by hoax believers as a completely objective independent analysis that cannot be repudiated. The preliminary results are in! They confirm the reality of global warming and disprove Inhofe’s hoax theory.  Will deniers will now turn against the Berkeley study so they can cling to their faith-based belief that global warming is a hoax?  It will be interesting to see if Inhofe modifies his theory in light of this new evidence.

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